Conference Organizers

    • Kay Johansen

      Kay Johansen Software CraftsmanPluralsight

      Kay Johansen has experienced unforgettably rewarding team dynamics when teams apply agile principles to software development, testing, and management. She’s excited to contribute back to the agile community in some small way through the Agile Roots conference. She believes that work, freedom and fellowship are fundamental to the human purpose and appreciates the agile community’s contribution to her richness of life.
    • Nate Jones

      Nate Jones Sr. Director of Product and UXAmirsys

      Nate has been an active member of the Utah Agile community for over a decade, including helping found and organize the Agile Roots conference. His background in development, visual and user experience design, and corporate branding gives him a unique perspective in his current role as Director of Product Management at Amirsys, Inc.
    • Jonathan House

      Jonathan House Iterative Innovation

      At the tender age of 14 Jonathan engaged in his very first “software for hire” contract, for his father who needed a TRS-80 Basic program converted into an Apple II floating point Basic program. This was immediately followed by his first experience dealing with an impossible customer, and being grounded for a month. Over a career of darn near three decades Jonathan has been at various times a software tester, business analyst, clueless user, project manager, product manager, architect, programmer, and pointy haired boss. Watching the same mistakes made over and over again in the indust
    • Mike Clement

      Mike Clement Sr. Software

      I'm a husband, father of four and currently a Senior Software Craftsman at Pluralsight. I've worked at, Microsoft, Caselle and a few other small companies. I am a founding member and organizer of the Utah Software Craftsmanship group ( I blog at and you can find me on twitter at @mdclement.


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