Drink Lean from the Source

    • Presentation speakers

    Agile concepts are connected to Lean concepts by Mary and Tom Poppendieck via the three Lean Software Development books, but to see the original concepts from the source (Toyota Production System) makes your understanding much clearer and more executable. And, you’ll experience a lot of Aha moments through this session.

    I’ll share the roots of Lean concepts including Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), Gemba (Go See), Muda-Dori (Waste Elimination), WIP limitation, Pull production system, and “People” as the center of the process via a Japanese video showing a factory reconstruction to Lean.

    The highlight of this session is about the “conflict” in the organization when new ideas are introduced to them. We’ll share how you can transit from one style to another, involving people, changing the culture of the organization.