Conference Program

  • Schedule

    Thursday, June 19

    • 9:00am – 5:00pm Conference sessions starting with Kenji’s keynote at 9:00
    • 6:00pm – 10:00pm Evening social

    Friday, June 20

    • 9:00am – 4:00pm Conference sessions starting with Mary’s keynote at 9:00

    Saturday, June 21

    Bonus day, included with conference registration. Space limited.

    • 9:00am – 5:00pm Jeff Patton: Product Discovery Boot Camp
    • 9:00am – 12:00pm Llewellyn and Woody: Practical Refactoring Coding Workshop
    • 1:00pm – 5:00pm Llewellyn and Woody: Coding Workshop (TBD)



    • Kenji Hiranabe: People as a Conveyor of Knowledge: Learning from Grandfather of Scrum
    • Mary Poppendieck: The Efficiency Paradox

    Plenary talks

    • Aaron Skonnard: (TBD)
    • David Spann: Revisiting Agile’s Roots – Implications, opportunities and the compelling reasons to be in leadership
    • Diana Larsen, Willem Larsen: Five Rules of Learning
    • Woody Zuill: No Estimates


    • Aaron Sanders: Let’s do some discovery – an active learning approach
    • Alan Dayley: Using The Product Wall Release Workshop – Alignment From Vision to Sprint Backlogs
    • Cory Foy: Organizational Agility with Lean, Scrum and Kanban
    • Diana Larsen: Exploring Agile Fluency: Where are you along the path? Where do you want to go? How do you help others get there?
    • Kiro Harada: Something I learned about Lean / TPS  – “All written lean practices are wrong.” (talk or workshop)
    • Lisa Crispin, Nathan Feltch: Morphing your testing mindset for Continuous Delivery
    • Pollyanna Pixton: Uncertainty is the New Normal: So How Do We Thrive?
    • Tsuyoshi Ushio, Kiro Harada: A Pattern Mining Workshop: How to Build Less

    Coding workshops

    • Llewellyn Falco: Koans
    • Tim Collinson, Scott Peterson: Test Driven Development: Stop Wondering, Start Testing
    • Woody Zuill: Mob Programming workshop
    • Zhon Johansen, Jim Cooper, Amy Dredge: JavaScript TDD using AngularJS


    • Cory Foy: The Agile Mindset – Agile Across the Organization
    • Israel Gat: Main Street Changed on Us Faster than We Could Cross the Chasm
    • Jade Meskill: Twenty-Something Theses of Autonomy
    • Jesse Dowdle: Agile at Scale – a Guide for Enterprises
    • Jonathan House: A Startup in a Strange Land
    • Kamlesh Ravlani: Boost Customer Engagement with Gamification
    • Keith Sparkjoy: What I Learned from Dr. Deming
    • Kenji Hiranabe: Drink Lean from the Source: Learning Kaizen from Toyota
    • Mary Poppendieck: The Technical Heart of Agile
    • Niel Nickolaisen: (TBD)
    • Nishimura Naoto: How to bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck
    • Pat Maddox, Lory Maddox: Learning through the Ages – The growth & development of an agile mindset
    • Rob Myers: Evaluating Agile Engineering Practices
    • Todd Little: Mythbusting Software Estimation (talk or workshop)
    • Yoshifumi Tsuda: Learn How to Manage Backlog from Toyota Kanban concepts

    Experience Reports

    • Brian Garstka: Lean UX Prototyping
    • Charles Wood: 3 Months Lean – A Business Story
    • John Ryan: Lean Customer Service
    • Jonathan Turner, Mat Kent: Gamifying Agile Technical Practice Adoption
    • Margot Dear: Our Maiden Voyage into Lean Design
    • Matt Ryan: Agile Slices (or, How Playing Minecraft Made Me a Better Software Developer)


    • Tim Collinson, Jonathan Rayback: The Multiple Facets of Agile Methodology: A Panel Discussion (Panelists TBD)


    • Andrea Zuill: Drawing without Fear – You Are An Artist, You Just Don’t Know It Yet
    • David Adsit: Get Kanban game
    • Peri Cope: Shaking the Tree – Using Thinkertoys and Creative Expressions to Encourage Greater Engagement in Continuous Improvement
    • Suma Kumar: Agile Game: Make Flowers! Learn Story Point Estimation
    • Willem Larsen: Language Hunt
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