Arlo Belshee

    •   arlobelshee
    • Arlo Belshee's details
      • Country: USA
      • Region: Portland
      • Title: Sr. Program Manager
      • Affiliation: Microsoft
    • Arlo Belshee's presentations

    Arlo does a little bit of everything, but what he really does is inspire courage. He has gone back and forth several times between management and in-the-trenches development on technically sophisticated products. He challenges every assumption he can find, and helps people learn to change – always and continuously. He has been involved in Agile since 1999. Yet he worked for 2 years in a rigorous, effective, and pro-people Waterfall development shop. He’s a strong believer in discipline and the agility that comes from it, in punctuated continuity, and in change as the only constant.


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